David Trudo is a Senior Project Manager at The Bloc.

He currently resides in New York, NY, where he’s lived for over a decade. If you ask where he’s from, he’ll give you a different answer every time. Such is the life of an army brat. 🖖🏻

If he's not wandering around the city with a camera, David is probably hunkered down at an interesting locale while perusing a new book or, fountain pen in hand, working on writing his own. 🖋

He's constantly scouting for the perfect Old Fashioned, a hidden gem at the Strand, or a Maltese to pet. 🥃

According to friends, he is “obsessed” with the Pittsburgh Penguins. 🐧

David sporadically writes at To Be Determined. He also needs to update his photography portfolio. His work was most recently exhibited as part of the Our Moments Spring 2014 show. 📷

David believes in giving back to his community and is an active volunteer through BC NYC Alumni volunteering. You may see him taking photos at Renaissance Person or OutdoorFest events. In the past, he’s volunteered for Covenant House and House of Genius.

You can find him elsewhere around the web here.